Knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is enabled by three permanent WPs:

1. State of Knowledge

Activities under this WP consist of developing a systematic approach of establishing the state-of-knowledge in the field of RWM research. This shall be done on a stepwise basis: i) establishing of procedures to document the state of knowledge (SoK); ii) testing and improving these procedures on a few demonstration topics/sub-topics (of the Roadmap); iii) performing a review on existing tools/platforms and evaluating the added-value of establishing such a platform dedicated to provide access to SoK developed in EURAD.


Beneficiaries and Linked Third Parties involved : Andra, BGE, CIEMAT, HZDR, JRC and SSTC NRS.


Major highlights (June 2022 - May 2023)

-    Publication of first joint EURAD-PREDIS Domain Insight (DI) document for Domain 2.2.5 “Transport”, followed by the publication of other 5 DI documents and the second pilot State-of-Knowledge (SoK) document on “HLW/SF Containers” 
-    The organisation of the Follow-up Workshop (29/06/2022) to the KM Session at the EURAD 2nd Annual Event (86 persons registered) has enhanced the active involvement of EURAD community in KM
-    Finalisation of important deliverables for the process of capturing the State-of-Knowledge D11.5 (published), D11.8 “Authors Guidance & Template” (under review by PMO), D11.9 (under review), D11.10 (submitted to EC), and the EURAD Glossary (under review by PMO)


Forward look 

-    Another 10 DI documents drafts are to be finalised and other 32 are in production and expected to be finalised in year 5 (initially envisioned a total of 24)
-    A lecture on the second published SoK document (Domain 3.2.1 “HLW/SF Containers”) is planned to be given by the authors on the 5th June 2023
-    Collection and analysis of feedback on the published DI documents from both experts and end-users 

Information video on the proposed EURAD web-based knowledge management system has been prepared by Dinara Abbasova, HZDR (WP11).
© This video was produced in the frame of the European Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste Management Work Package on State-of-Knowledge

2. Methodological guidance

Activities under this WP consist of developing a comprehensive suite of instructional guidance documents that can be used by Member-States with RWM programmes that are at an early stage of development with respect to their national RWM programme. Such WP shall pursue and complement the work initiated with the PLANDIS Guide.

Beneficiaries and Linked Third Parties involved: JRC, EIMV, PURAM, SURAO, SSTC NRS and SURO. 


Major highlights (June 2022 - May 2023) 

•    Comprehensive mapping of Guidance and Guide-like documents on Geological Disposal of SNF, HLW and Long-lived Waste (Delivery D12.7) was finalised and delivered. 
•    The topics for future guidance documents were selected (Delivery 12.5 Updated list of Prioritized Topics for future Guidance documents) and new methodology for production of guideline documents was approved by General Assembly meeting no 7. 
•    The preparation of guidance documents on requirements management has started. The first version of the Guidance Document on Generic Requirement Management System was prepared. The thematic guidance document on Post Closure Safety Requirement Management System was drafted.


Forward look 

The involvement of potential end-users has been increased and we have significant user groups regularly attending workshops during the production of guidance documents.
The participation of end users in the production creates fast feedback that allows the content of the two planned thematic guides to be efficiently fine-tuned to meet end-user expectations.
End users are also very interested in hands-on training on the requirements management system. Feedback from this training will be incorporated into the final version of the Generic Requirements Management Guide.

3. Training/mobility

Activities under this WP consist of developing a diverse portfolio of tailored basic and specialised training courses under the umbrella of a “School of Radioactive Waste Management”, taking stock of and building upon already existing initiatives (i.e. IAEA and NEA) and creating new initiatives to bridge the identified gaps. The end-users are defined as professionals and potential new professionals at graduated and post-graduated level from EU and non-EU countries (via the IAEA and NEA programmes), and in particular the next generation of experts. This WP will also organise a mobility programme to provide access to dedicated infrastructures associated with the Mandated Actors/Linked Third Parties within EURAD. This work will be carried out in close interaction with European networks having a recognised experience in training/mobility in the field of RWM.


Beneficiaries and Linked Third Parties involved: Andra, CIEMAT, JRC, EIMV, CTU, SCK-CEN, SSTC NRS, SURO. 


Major highlights (June 2022 - May 2023)

1.    Organisation of three major training courses based on the end-users needs: Safety Case, Uncertainty management, and geochemical modelling. A summer school on WAC is planned together with PREDIS.
2.    Organisation of first lecture and discussion session on SoK documents (Spent Nuclear Fuel). A second one (on Containers SoK) is planned for June 5th 2023.
3.    Disseminating WP13 and KM activities: there were 3 conference contributions and one paper published. All of these focused on KM and training in EURAD and PREDIS. On June 1st, EURAD KM WPs will also be represented during the MODATS Annual Workshop.


Forward look

1.    Organising the joint EURAD-PREDIS Summer School on WAC (4-8 September 2023).
2.    Continue to involve and interact with the EURAD Student Group (first steps were taken during Annual Event 3 in Cyprus).

The School of RWM acts as the executive body for all training and mobility actions that are organized within EURAD. The end-users of the School of RWM are defined as professionals and potential new professionals at graduated and post-graduated levels from EU and non-EU countries (via the IAEA and NEA programmes), and in particular the next generation of experts. All the work described here will be carried out in a close interaction with the European networks having a recognized experience in training/mobility in the field of RWM.

Introductory Course on EURAD and Radioactive Waste Management

A free-of-charge one day course “Introductory course on EURAD and Radioactive Waste Management” will take place on September 14th 2020. 

This Course is open to all with a priority given to EURAD partners. 


EURAD Mobility Programme

The EURAD Mobility Programme is intended to support individuals who would like to further develop their knowledge and skills in the field of Radioactive Waste Management including deep geological disposal.
The Programme is primarily aimed at PhD students, Postdocs and Early Career professionals/researchers (who subject to evaluation) are eligible to receive financial support through the EURAD Mobility Programme (detailed information on financial support can be found in the Mobility Manual). In This first track, applicants must be affiliated to participants in the EURAD programme

GAS/HITEC Training Course 

The first GAS/HITEC Joint training course has been organized from 22 to 24 January 2020 at the Liège University in Belgium within the framework of EURAD as a Doctoral School entitled “Multiphysical Couplings in Geomechanics, a focus on thermal effect and gas transfer impact on the behaviour of geomaterials