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EURAD - D11.5 QA procedures for SoK

This document Deliverable 11.5 “QA Procedures for the Generation of SoK Demonstration cases” (QA Procedure) defines procedures for planning and managing a system on the production of Domain Insights (DI) and State-of-Knowledge (SoK) documents.
The QA Procedure defines the following stages of SoK documents production process:
- initiation;
- drafting;
- review;
- finalisation and approval;
- socialisation;
- evaluation.
General requirements and work procedures for documentation are defined for each stage of the SoK documents production process.
The production of DI documents also includes the above defined stages, but the procedures for completing these stages are simplified. This is due to the fact that DI document production is intentionally done in an agile approach based on “learning by doing”, where procedures are developed and tested in parallel to the production of the “pilot” documents. This approach shall make DI documents available quicker and lead to more feasible procedures than a sequential approach, where detailed procedures are developed first in theory and put to work only after that.
During the production of "pilot" documents, the flexible application of the QA Procedure is expected, with possible deviations from some of its provisions, if this leads to a more optimal process for production of SoK and DI documents.

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