106 registered end-users (December 2023)
63 end-users whose organisation is external to EURAD
22 different countries represented

EURAD has two different types of end-users groups : at the programme level and at the workpackage level.

Who can become a EURAD end-user ? 

Both groups are open to EU and non-EU representatives from:
- Implementation oriented organisations
- Regulatory expertise function oriented organisations, regulators
- Research entities
- Waste producers/owners
- National programme owners
- International organisations

Organisations as well as individuals can be end-users, which means that if the organisation is part of EURAD but the person (as individual) is not directly involved in EURAD, he/she can still become an end-user. 

What should end-users expect to do ?

End-users may be invited to contribute to the evaluation and assessment of EURAD results/impacts as well as to review some deliverables in their field of expertise. We see this as a mutual benefit as the end-user will be recognized as reviewer which may contribute to its recognition to the outside world as expert in their field.
There is no financial contribution from EURAD to the participation in the EURAD User-Group. This means that the travel costs, including meeting and workshop participation fees are not carried by EURAD. There is no financial contribution from EURAD to the staff costs of the EURAD EUG.
The end-users' role is to help us increase and maximize the impact of EURAD.

Why should you become a EURAD end-user?
End-users are part of a large network gathering 118 organisations working in the field of radioactive waste management. This allow them to follow EURAD and have access to scientific and technical information on progress of the different work packages. Only non-confidential information is shared with end-users but end-users are able to identify more easily and quickly new knowledge that is publicly available.
All end-users are invited to the EURAD annual conferences, which are a opportunities for small talks and networking as well as to hear about cutting-edge science.

How to become a EURAD end-user?
The process is simple and straightforward. A formal application must be sent to EURAD Secretariat: secretariat@ejp-eurad.eu
Your request will be assessed by the Programme Management Office and you will receive a reply within 3 weeks.
As no confidential information is shared with the end-users, no non-disclosure agreement needs to be signed.
We look forward to having your potential participation to the EURAD end-user group.