EURAD Vision, SRA and Roadmap will be delivered through 5-year implementation phases broken down into a set of Work Packages, Tasks and Sub-Tasks. The following four types of activities shall contribute deliver against EURAD objectives:

The main activities of EURAD will consist of RD&D activities aiming at developing and consolidating S/T knowledge of the EURAD Strategic research Agenda and Roadmap. There shall be a balance between operational RD&D in direct link with implementation of repository concepts as well as safety concerns and prospective RD&D such as short and long-term experiments and/or modelling work to demonstrate the robustness of the waste management concepts, to increase understanding and predictability of the impact of fundamental processes and their couplings or to maintain scientific excellence and competences throughout the stepwise long-term management of radioactive waste.

Complementary to RD&D and in support of the implementation of the Member States’ national programmes, Strategic Studies shall give the opportunity to participants and expert contributors to network on methodological and strategic challenging issues that are common to various national programmes and in close link with scientific, technical and issues. 

Beyond RD&D and Strategic Studies, ambitious activities of EURAD are to consolidate efforts across Member-States on Knowledge Management – this includes access to existing Knowledge (State-of-Knowledge), guiding the planning and implementation of a RD&D plan of national RWM programme, and developing/ delivering training/mobility in line with core competencies.