Project deliverables

EURAD Knowledge Management and Networking Programme

This strategy document, entitled ‘Knowledge Management and Networking Programme’ communicates the overarching vision for how the four KM WPs above work together to deliver value for the organisations participating in EURAD and for other organisations worldwide. It describes the link between the EURAD Roadmap and the EURAD knowledge management, the mechanisms for how various types of end-users can interact with the KM WPs and the long-term vision for KM in radioactive waste management in the European Union.
The programme will remain reactive and responsive to the knowledge management and networking needs of the EURAD community, the pre-disposal community within the PREDIS project (associated to EURAD), and other interested organisations (including IAEA, OECD-NEA…). Needs are identified from a combination of identification of gaps using the Roadmap and Experts (top-down), and specific needs raised directly by end-users (bottom-up). For WP13 (Training and Mobility activities), end-users have already been surveyed in Year 1 (2019) identifying a number of training needs of common interest across EURAD members. A mobility scheme is also established that EURAD members can apply to.
Finally, this strategy document communicates a common view of what we consider to be success for the EURAD KM and Networking Programme 2020-2024. It is not the intention of EURAD to address and solve all processes, tools and methods that a KM system may need, rather it is a shortduration project within the very long-duration RWM activity. What it can expect to do is agree and put in place the mechanisms and strategies for a long-term, rolling project of KM and
networking [EURAD Roadmap].

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