Project deliverables

EURAD - D12.3 - Approved list of prioritized topics for further guidance documents and selection process of one topic for the development of a pilot guide

High priority is devoted to all types of Knowledge Management (KM) activities within EURAD. Recently,
at the 4th General Assembly of EURAD the Knowledge Management & Networking Programme 2020-
2024 document was approved, in which the vision of integration of KM activities within EURAD was
expressed. In this process, the EURAD Roadmap plays an important role by providing a framework and
basis for systematic evaluation of existing and needed knowledge.

Work Package 12 (Guidance WP) of EURAD has a role to develop guides for the end-users of EURAD
and the RWM community. These guides have to be needs driven, meaning, that a wide range of endusers
consider the newly developed guides useful for radioactive waste management (RWM)
programme implementation. The guides are self-standing documents but integrated in the EURAD
roadmap. To this end the Guidance WP has initiated a preliminary screening process to have a first list
of prioritized topics for guidance documents. The aim was to select a first topic for a pilot guide, for which
a simplified selection process was applied in comparison to the future selection process outlined in this
deliverable. In the development of the pilot guide the earlier delivered quality management procedure
(Deliverable 12.2) will be tested.

The pilot guide will cover the issue of “Funding and Financing Aspects of Radioactive Waste Disposal”.
The selection process and the proposed topic for the pilot guide was approved by the 4th General
Assembly of EURAD. Later the title has been modified to “Cost Assessment and Financing Schemes of
Radioactive Waste Management Programmes” in order to be in line with EU terminology (e.g. NAPRO
Guide1), but the content of the pilot guide remained the same.

For future guides the simplified approach – implemented for selecting the topic of the pilot guide – will
be complemented with the top-down approach based on the EURAD Roadmap gap analysis. Based on
the result of this activity and the ongoing evaluation of end user needs and feedback, the approved list
of prioritised topics will be regularly updated as a ‘living document’.

EURAD - D12.3 Approved list of prioritized topicsPDF - 358 Ko