Project deliverables

EURAD - D13.2 Mapping of available course materials

In March 2020, WP13 launched a ‘Survey on training initiatives’ in order to get a clear overview of the training needs as well as the existing training courses in the field of Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) within the EURAD community. The survey was sent to all EURAD Beneficiaries.
The 80 respondents have indicated a total of 363 training needs, of which 262 are indicated as ‘difficult to find’ in the field of RWM were identified. A lot of topics are covered by the existing courses, however, analysis of the training needs indicated that there are still a lot of gaps for many of the EURAD partners.
In this report, the results of the ‘Mapping of available course materials’ are summarized. These results will be linked to the “List of training needs from Research, Development and Demonstration and Strategic Studies” and EURAD Roadmap. This way, the Roadmap can serve as an easily accessible tool to check which trainings need to be addressed, and what is the background to start with. In the end, the Roadmap, together with the list and this report, provide an easily accessible overview of identified training gaps for end-users as well as a starting point to start looking for available training courses.

D13.2 Mapping of available course materialsPDF - 828.3 Ko