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EURAD - D12.5 Updated list of prioritized topics for guidance documents

The EURAD Guidance work package (WP12) is developing a comprehensive suite of specific guidance documents that can be used by EU Members States with RWM programmes that are at an early-stage of development, but can be beneficial also to more advanced programmes.
A transparent and justified selection process of topics for the guidance developed within EURAD is essential. For selecting the topic of the pilot guide – in comparison to the topics for the further guides to be developed – a simplified approach was applied. In parallel with the development, review and approval of the pilot guide the selection process for topics of further guides was started. In this process, the lessons learned from the process of selecting and compiling the pilot guide were taken into account.
The starting point for selecting further guidance topics was a literature survey. This can orient the users to what knowledge is available (signposting), which can be used for planning and implementing their radioactive waste disposal programme. Based on the literature survey it was concluded that although available technical documents and guidance are abundant, early-stage programmes or small inventory programmes often face a challenge of information overload and deciphering which sources of information are most accurate and most recent, thus the guidelines should aim at providing concise references to orient the reader.
Using the literature survey material and taking into account the potential topics considered for the pilot guide selection process, the WP12 team identified a list of 10 topics. A consultation process was carried out in which feedback from potential end-users, other EURAD work packages and from the editorial board was used to prioritise topics.
Finally, a consultation with the chief scientific officer of EURAD was organised. Common denominator of majority of suggested topics was identified as requirements management. Based on the discussion with the chief scientific officer the plan is to develop first a general guide on requirements management, which can provide the necessary framework (framework guide) for further specific guides. The framework guide could cover the general role of requirements in the implementation of the geological disposal facility (or any other disposal facility) during all phases. After finalising the framework guide on requirements management (RQM), some examples of RQM application to particular processes in a disposal programme implementation can be defined as topics for further guides (specific RQM guides) to be developed within EURAD and can serve as a basis for guidance development in EURAD2.

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