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EURAD - D11.4 Procedures to Involve Knowledge providers

The EURAD Knowledge Management (KM) programme, in general and the work of Work Package 11 State-of-Knowledge (WP11 SoK) in particular, relies heavily on the participation of experts from different fields of radioactive waste management (RWM). These experts can take different roles, such as authors, reviewers or lecturers and are indispensable for the success of EURAD KM. Thus, the successful involvement of these experts is crucial, and consideration should be given to the procedures to involve these knowledge providers. This document describes the process used to involve experts for the production of Domain Insight (DI) and State-of-Knowledge (SoK) documents, as well as the experiences of applying these procedures and the derived lessons learnt. As such, this document can potentially deliver valuable input for further expert involvement activities for EURAD KM, beyond the mere scope of WP11 SoK.

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