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EURAD Roadmap User Guide

EURAD has developed a guide that recognises the pivotal role of the EURAD Roadmap in structuring its work and in navigating knowledge, information and data that already exists in the field of RWM.

Click here to download the EURAD Roadmap User GuidePDF - 2.2 Mo

The EURAD Roadmap is essentially a representation of a generic Radioactive Waste Management Programme (RWM) enabling users and programmes navigating existing scientific and technical knowledge, ongoing work and future plans. The content is focused on what knowledge, and competencies (including infrastructure) is considered most critical for implementation of RWM, aligned to the EURAD Vision. 

This Guide has has been developed for the users of the EURAD Roadmap and answers the following questions:

What is the EURAD Roadmap?
Where can I access the EURAD Roadmap?
Who are the EURAD Roadmap users?
What is the EURAD Roadmap Work Breakdown Structure?
How do I used the Roadmap to navigate EURAD Research Priorities
How can I use the Roadmap to tap into the global Knowledge in Radioactive Waste
How do I find existing guidance in Radioactive Waste Management?
What competencies are essential for Radioactive Waste Management?
How do I access EURAD training and mobility schemes?

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