EURAD Roadmap End User Feedback

With its roadmap EURAD is seeking interest from people in charge of directing national radioactive waste management programmes (this could be RWM programme owners, regulators, waste producers, waste management organisations, national policy makers), as a target end user group, to provide feedback on the usability of the EURAD Roadmap.

End users are asked to register interest to participate in this engagement exercise via email to


Participants will be sent a background explainer video and a few sample Roadmap documents before the workshop (early-November). This will provide a comprehensive introduction to the aim and role of the EURAD roadmap and illustrate what is in it.
Participants will be asked to consider the following questions about the Roadmap to help stimulate feedback ahead of the workshop:
1. Is it useful?
2. Is it properly structured?
3. How would you use it?
4. When would you use it?
5. Who would you give it to?
6. How can it be improved?
7. What is missing?
8. Do you see links to your own national roadmap?
At the workshop, which will be maximum 2 hours, our focus will be on active engagement. We will assume participants have watched the explainer video and looked at the example documents (max 10 pages). The session will start with an opportunity for general questions and clarifications, followed by a more detailed discussion to hear feedback on each of the above questions to improve the usability of the roadmap.
To ensure active participation and to give everyone a voice, we will breakout into small groups for open discussion, each with a EURAD facilitator.

November 25th, 2020
10.00 a.m-12.00 CET