Project deliverables

EURAD Deliverable 11.1 Screening and review of existing/available knowledge management approaches and/or tools

Safe management and disposal of radioactive waste relies predominantly on state-of-the-art knowledge. This is reflected in a strong commitment of EURAD to enhance knowledge management (KM) and transfer between organisations, member states and generations. To this end, the current state-of-knowledge (SoK) on relevant radioactive waste management (RWM) topics will be compiled in user-friendly (foremost easy and clearly explained access modes as well as feedback opportunities) documents and made accessible for all stakeholders in member states’ national RWM programmes, including the interested public.
Task 1 within EURAD WP 11 (State-of-Knowledge) deals with the screening and review of existing KM approaches and tools that have been developed for similar purposes. The screening of currently used KM systems in the RWM field (and beyond) collects information on their typical functionalities and consequently identifies helpful aspects for the development of the EURAD KM system (KMS). This includes lessons learnt and best practice. The review outcome thus helps to shape the functionality of the envisaged KMS. It also points to pre-existing implementation strategies and tools to set up this KMS, to establish procedures to document the SoK in a given topic, and how it can be regularly revised in order to integrate new knowledge. The quality assurance of both, the SoK review process and the finalization of SoK documents will be described in detail in D11.5. Moreover, experiences made with similar approaches by other organisations and in other areas will subsequently allow formulating and exploiting the added value of establishing a specific Portal-KMS developed in EURAD and dedicated to provide transnational access to SoK in the field of RWM.

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