Project deliverables

EURAD - D9.9 ROUTES Suggestions for the management of challenging wastes

Well-established waste acceptance criteria (WAC) or related systems for both pre-disposal and disposal steps help to define a radioactive waste management strategy and are an important requirement for a management route to be effective.
“Waste management routes in Europe from cradle to grave” (ROUTES) is one of two strategic study work packages being conducted as part of the European Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste Management (EURAD).
Task 4 of ROUTES aimed to identify WAC used in European Union (EU) Member States for different waste management strategies in order to inform development of WAC in countries without WAC or facilities. More specifically, Task 4 had the following objectives:
•To provide an overview of the current application in Member States of WAC at different stages in the waste lifecycle1 and to describe mechanisms to implement them.
•To offer a structured approach to support decision-taking of so-called ‘no regret’ waste management measures, i.e., decisions that do not lead to problems later on.
•To identify R&D needs and opportunities for collaboration between Member States.

EURAD - D9.9 ROUTES Suggestions for the management of challenging wastesPDF - 2.7 Mo