Register for Geochemical & Reactive Transport Modelling for Geological Disposal training

WP13, WP ACED, WP DONUT and WP FUTURE are happy to announce a joint training course on Geochemical & Reactive Transport Modelling for Geological Disposal

When : February 6 to 10, 2023

Where: University of Bern (Switzerland)

Training aims
The training aims at enlarging knowledge and expertise in geochemical and coupled reactive transport modelling in the framework of disposal of radioactive waste with the focus on geological disposal. The theoretical basis will be enhanced by lectures on (i) principles of geochemical and reactive transport modelling, (ii) their applications for processes and evolution of materials in a geological disposal (cementitious materials, glass, steel, clay, granite) (iii) speciation and migration of radionuclides, and (iv) advanced topics related to uncertainty and machine learning. Practical skills will be improved by computer sessions in which participants will use available software to implement and analyze models for calculating properties and evolution of materials and speciation of radionuclides.

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the training course, the participants should be able to:

Understand the principles of geochemical thermodynamic and kinetic modelling and reactive transport modelling
Use these principles for application in the field of radioactive waste disposal
Transform specific research questions related to geochemical properties or evolution into a conceptual model
Implement simple conceptual models into numerical codes for geochemical and reactive transport modelling
Identify advanced methods for sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis and integration of machine learning techniques