PREDIS Horizon Scanning Survey

🌍 PREDIS invites all project stakeholders to participate in the PREDIS Horizon Scanning exercise as a “scanner”. Being a scanner, you can help by capturing “raw” information coming from various sources on emerging trends and developments that can change the future of nuclear sector. Your role as a scanner is fundamental for the success of the project!

📝 Collect your ideas via the PREDIS Horizon Scanning Survey:
We are looking for
👉 Concise information
👉 At least 3 ideas (through separate form entries) on the platform
👉 Thinking outside the box and being open-minded and curious about emerging trends and developments 

💡 Briefly about Horizon Scanning: In recent years, PREDIS efforts have been primarily focused on addressing immediate requirements, grounded in the current state of the art and projecting into the near future. However, the present imperative necessitates broadening our focus to encompass potential transformative shifts across the global landscape. This includes profound changes in politics, the economy, social dynamics, the environment, and pivotal advancements in technology and infrastructure. PREDIS will be conducting a Horizon Scanning exercise to thoroughly explore the relevant elements. This exercise will enable us to systematically anticipate and comprehend the far-reaching implications of these changes.

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