EURAD official launch!

The European Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste Management was officially launched on June 1st, 2019 together with the first five-year implementation phase EURAD-1 (2019-2024). 

The European Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste Management (EURAD) has been officially launched on June 1st, 2019 and brings together 51 "mandated" organisations across 23 EU Member-States and associated countries willing to share a Vision, Strategic Research Agenda  and Roadmap and positively supporting its implementation. 

 The concept of EURAD is to integrate the needs of national programmes across EU Member-States via all mandated research organisations by their official national programme for R&D i.e. (i) Waste Management Organisations whose mission covers the management and disposal of radioactive waste, (ii) Technical Support Organisations carrying out activities aimed at providing the technical and scientific basis for notably supporting the decisions made by a national regulatory body and (iii) nationally funded Research Entities which are involved in the R&D of RWM, under the responsibility of Member States, as well as radioactive waste producers/owners.

C. Davies

The first 5-year implementation phase of EURAD (EURAD-1 2019-2024) has also been launched on June 1st, 2019. With a total budget of 60M€ of which 32,5 is funded through the EURATOM programme, it includes seven work packages of RD&D, two Strategic Studies, three work packages of Knowledge Management, as well as interactions with Civil Society (For further information, click on Implementation). In addition to the 51 mandated organisations, EURAD-1 also involves more than 50 research organisations participating as Linked Third Parties to the mandated actors.