EURAD final annual event - Thank you to all participants!

The final annual event of EURAD was held last week, in Bucharest, from 23-25 April, gathering over 190 participants from more than 20 countries.
The first part of the event was dedicated to strategic and student sessions, highlighting how the joint programme helped not only the Member States, but also the students and organisations, regarding RWM. These sessions additionally emphasized the added value of the joint programme.
Cutting-edge scientific results were presented on a second part of the event, as well as a focus on specific technical achievements within EURAD.
Finally, all the different WPs of EURAD shared their key conclusions with the participants.
Furthermore, this final annual event of EURAD marked the initiation of EURAD-2, part of the EURATOM programme, as of next October. 
38 presentations were held in 20 sessions, and 32 posters were displayed across these 3 days.
A big thank you to all the participants who attended the event, and to everyone who has contributed on the 5 year joint programme of EURAD!