Call for interest



The short list of WP proposals for the 2nd wave of EURAD is settled and WPs are now in the development phase. Organisations which did not participate in the initial phase of setting up still have the possibility to participate in the development of the projects (without any guarantee to be ultimately included in the proposals that will be submitted to the EC). Considering the constraint that the development of the work packages has to be finalised by the end of the year, interested organisations must outline their proposed contribution to the WP under development before August 31th. 
It must be remembered that interested organisations will have to self-finance part of the activities and shall therefore commit to this. The formulated contribution must take that into account. 

Please be aware that only mandated organisations or organization having a legal link with a mandated one can participate.

If you would like to contribute to the development of the R&D WP and StS please contact (if not already done) the proposal contact points listed below:

R&D "Container performance" nuclei: ,,

R&D "MAGIC" nuclei:,,

R&D "Monitoring" nuclei:,,

StSt "UMAN" extension":,,

StSt "ROUTES extension":,,