EURAD Roadmap Engagement Session 1

1-hour lunch and learn engagement session to know more about the EURAD Roadmap

Come and hear about our latest progress and ideas to develop the EURAD Roadmap during 2020. We're interested to engage with all potential end users of this important knowledge management tool, hear what questions you have and use your valuable feedback to steer our forward work.

The session format will be:

  • 30 minutes Roadmap Presentation
  • 30 minutes question and answer session

The EURAD Roadmap is essentially a representation of a generic Radioactive Waste Management Programme (RWM) enabling users and programmes navigating existing scientific and technical knowledge, ongoing work and future plans. The content is focused on what knowledge, and competencies (including infrastructure) is considered most critical for implementation of RWM, aligned to the EURAD Vision.

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July 8th, 2020
13:00 - 14:00